Perinteisen pussiominaisuutensa ansiosta se puhdistaa ihon kuolleesta ihosta ja poistaa kehosta kerääntyneen rasvan ja pölyn.

“This Natural Mitten Helps ALL of us to Have a very Beautiful Skin…WITHOUT Using Chemical-Filled Cosmetics”

Change your look, change your mood!

Smoother, Brighter and Healthier Looking Face not a dream anymore .You don’t want to look back a few years later and wish you would have done something today…

The upper layer of human skin renews itself continuously. Peeling with Ebsem mitten and removing dead and dirty skin will make you relax & lighter. Conquer the stresses of modern living!. Peeling which will result in exfoliation and purification will open up your pores and let your skin to breathe.

Turkish bath cloth (Kese) cleans and refreshes your skin and also makes you healthier through its contribution to your immune system against diseases.

How to use our Special Mitt

Before you use our Mitten for the very first time, please hand wash it with hot water and rinse very thoroughly.

Soak yourself in clean water (as warm as you can stand it) without soaps or cleansers for at least 10 minutes. Skin will soften with warm water and the pores will open.

While still wet, simply stand up. Do not towel to dry the skin.

Dip the mitten in the bath water and swipe the excess water out. Let it drip its excess water.

Take a short rest without any water at least for 1 minute. Sweating before exfoliation is very essential. You can start exfoliating after a sauna session.

Putting as much pressure as is comfortable for you, rub the mitten up and down THEN from side to side a few times over the same area and watch in amazement as the dead skin and impurities gather in little rolls and then fall off your skin.

After the exfoliation is finished take a shower.

Enjoy the feeling of freshness.

About the product

  • DELIVERS SILKY SMOOTH, FRESHER AND YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN AFTER JUST ONE USE. Made of 100% Natural Floss Silk,  and a proprietary weave that grabs dead cells and lifts them away.

  • VISIBLY REMOVES LAYERS OF DEAD SKIN INSTANTLY. No soaking, chemicals, dyes, beads or other ingredients that can irritate skin. Long lasting, easy to clean, hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Recommended.

  • FIGHTS THE APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE AND STIMULATES BLOOD FLOW for healthier, smoother and more even skin tone.